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Find Out How Our Unique Offerings Will Help with Maintenance Goals

NMS was founded with a lofty objective: to offer on-site maintenance services you can trust at a low cost, while leading the way in the material handling industry.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: maintenance services are often too expensive, and the providers aren’t trustworthy. NMS was founded because we wanted to help the maintenance industry increase efficiency and decrease spending. We wanted to decrease TCO for our clients. At NMS we achieve these goals by embedding trustworthy technicians within your company. Our technicians will act as part of your team, helping you to save time and money by performing routine maintenance checks and repairs on every asset, regardless of brand.


Tier 1 technicians equipped with cutting-edge technology and dedicated on-site services for fast, reliable material handling equipment maintenance.


Implement a forklift maintenance program with proven, cost-effective, on-site fleet management and maintenance services that are BRAND
INDEPENDENT. Increase productivity, improve safety and lower the cost of your mobile material handling fleet.

Maintenance Service & Repair You Can Trust

At NMS, we strive to embed trustworthy technicians within your company. Often times, the technicians that individual brands send out cannot be trusted to complete the work in a timely and cost effective fashion - we can. You can trust your embedded tech to repair and check ALL brands of equipment at a lower cost than our competitors.


We use real-time maintenance data to increase fleet productivity and provide cost savings with a mobile material handling maintenance program tailored to your unique needs.


Join an ever-growing organization that supports YOU. We provide advancement opportunities and technology-enabling tools that recognize and value your distinct talents.