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Company Overview

Our History

For over 15 years National Maintenance Services has addressed our customers’ mobile material handling equipment failures, which occur within all industrial, warehousing and manufacturing facilities. Our proven on-site service and fleet management model mitigates costly downtime and unpredictable expenses. Instead of having multiple technicians to assist companies spread out over a wide geographical area, we have our technicians stay at a single company’s facility. Our goal is to use our state-of-the-art software, coupled with best-in-class technicians’ troubleshooting skills to provide the highest quality services in the industry. Our continuous improvement methodology ensures a reduction of maintenance expenses for our customers.



  • Brand independent, national coverage focused on delivering improved costs, safety and productivity
  • Certified full-time technicians providing on-site maintenance services and fleet management
  • State-of-the-art computerized maintenance management system tracks and reports 100% of every asset’s cost
  • We keep your fleet up and running through 95%+ same-day work order completion
  • System-driven adherence to 100% of preventive maintenance schedules to extend the life of the equipment
  • One-stop shop for all mission-critical equipment that moves people or product in your facility
  • Improved safety and operator control
  • Full maintenance solutions for all brands and equipment classes, including batteries, chargers and allied equipment


  • The NMS one-of-a-kind, on-site service model delivers substantial savings on labor rates ALONE. (Full cost comparisons tailored to your facility available upon request.)
  • On-site technicians cut costs and decrease downtime in your facility
  • Continually improving material handling which guarantees a reduction of maintenance expenses
  • The data-driven business model reduces total cost of maintenance and ownership by more than 15%
  • The money you’re designating toward the upkeep of your equipment is used as efficiently as possible
  • 95% of your maintenance budget goes toward relevant activities