Tthe key to maintaining an efficient and safe work environment is implementing the right forklift fleet management solutions to support a healthy operation. Ineffective power solutions can increase costs and downtime and decrease safety and productivity.

ABT offers three solutions to optimize your company's power systems across your fleet and facility:

Fleet Power

Poorly engineered power systems hold back your operation's productivity and cost efficiency. With our Fleet Power solutions, you'll have access to the data you need to gain greater insight into your fleet's performance and make informed decisions through the Remote Automated Asset Management System (RAAMS).

Our hybrid power solutions can improve the performance of your batteries, whether they're lead-acid, lithium, hydrogen fuel cells or thin plate pure lead. Additionally, we can optimize your battery room and hydrogen fill stations as well as implement opportunity charging and fast charging in your facility.

Guaranteed Power

Our Guaranteed Power solutions get companies out of the forklift power business. With our lifecycle management strategies, you can experience up to 20 percent in cost savings and 30 percent longer battery life – plus your facility may be able to reduce the number of assets needed to get the job done.

Your Guaranteed Power contract will ensure that you always have access to power and any necessary maintenance is completed promptly by a trained professional. You won't have to deal with unexpected costs related to repairs or capital expenditures. We can help with every aspect of managing power at your facility, from installation to maintenance to replacement.

PM Power

Reduce the total cost of ownership for your assets with our PM Power solutions. With greater insight into the health of your batteries and the help of our trained technicians, you can execute a comprehensive planned maintenance strategy on all your batteries and forklifts.

PM Power includes an asset inventory, safety and repair work, battery and charger health checkups and a battery watering session. You can add battery washes, to break up corrosion and improve safety, as well as a battery watering schedule to ensure continued battery health and performance.

With the health scorecard and the budget forecast, you'll receive recommendations for continued improvements across your fleet and enhanced asset lifespan.

Powerful solutions from NMS

Efficient power management is essential for maintaining low costs and a productive workforce. With ABT's expertise and proven solutions, you can enhance your forklift fleet management for a more efficient operation. To get started, request a free power assessment online or by calling ABT today.