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We Keep Your Fleet In Motion

When you’re working to keep productivity high while maintaining a safe and cost efficient operation, you need to think carefully about the value of your time. Every hour of up-time is critical to your bottom line and downtime represents significant losses.

To maximize your workforce’s productive hours, your mission critical equipment must be operational. When material handling equipment is out of commission for unplanned maintenance or repairs, pushing product through the facility slows down and the business suffers.

To make up for the absence, you might rent vehicles or invest in more than your facility actually needs so you have a stand-in when something goes wrong. Either option is costly and disruptive. The truth is that efficiently tracking and managing the maintenance and repairs of your material handling fleet is not your core business but it IS critical to your bottom line.

Your Fleet Maintenance IS Our Core Business

Our technicians are at the heart of our business and, knowing that our success depends on the success they initiate for the customers they serve, we take great care in hiring the best. We continue to invest in their growth and development and provide them with the technology to add further value in the form of actionable data.

Expert Forklift Maintenance Technicians

It Starts with the Right Technicians

Skilled in servicing all brands of equipment.

Our technicians are our most important asset. We hire, train and equip them to be the best in the industry.

Maintenance Technology for Better Results

Cutting Edge Technology

Facilitating data-driven decision making.

A robust technology platform and analyst team supports each Technician in delivering on facility cost and up-time objectives.

Ongoing training and support for every technician

Technician Support

Ongoing training and tools to expand service capabilities.

Technicians are armed with business process and tools specific to an on-site maintenance operation along with continued training and certifications to ensure the quality of their services.

Our Technicians Help With:

  • Repairing forklifts, lift trucks, scissor lifts, sweeper scrubbers, dock plates, dock levelers, doors, and much more

  • Analyzing and diagnosing equipment problems and breakdowns

  • Recommending the correct service and repair actions

  • Safely operating power tools, lifts, hoists, hydraulic jacks, etc.

  • Preventive Maintenance inspections and procedures, warranty procedures and other duties as assigned

  • Providing dedicated, top-notch 5-star customer service

  • Ensuring compliance with Safety and OSHA procedures

  • Assisting other technicians in maintenance and repairs

Benefits of On-site Maintenance Technicians

When you’re working to keep productivity high and inefficiencies low, you think carefully about the value of your time. Every hour of uptime is a positive contribution to your bottom line. Conversely, every moment of downtime represents a significant loss.

To maximize your workforce’s productive hours, your mission-critical equipment must be operational. When your lift truck is out of commission or being repaired, your employees have no way to move product around your facility.

To make up for the absence, you might rent another vehicle or invest in more than your facility actually needs so you have a stand-in when something goes awry. While these options work when necessary, they’re less than ideal – renting a vehicle takes time and money, and it may not operate the same way as your regular trucks. Investing in more forklifts than you need takes up space and requires all the necessary maintenance tasks as your other vehicles.

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What We Do

At NMS, we strive to help our customers increase their efficiency and lower their overall expenses by providing on-site technicians. These technicians work with our customers by doing routine checks on various types of equipment as well as making necessary repairs. Unlike our competitors, these technicians are not brand dependent. This means that our techs are capable of working with whatever equipment suits your company’s needs and wants. These techs, whether full or part-time will make certain that your equipment is functioning properly. By using our on-site resident techs, you no longer have to contact each equipment company when parts need to be fixed. Having our techs for all of your maintenance needs is more time efficient as well as cost-efficient. We save you money whereas our brand-specific competitors will cost more and only be able to fix certain types. of equipment.

Embedded Technicians Reduce Costs and Downtime

An on-site maintenance professional can cut costs and decrease downtime in your facility. By keeping a close eye on all your material-handling equipment’s health, your embedded technician will catch problems early and execute fixes as needed. If a piece of equipment breaks down, your maintenance professional can address the issue immediately because they are already prepared with the right tools and materials necessary. There’s no need to transport items to an outside shop or wait for someone to bring the right tools to your location.

Not only does this speed up the maintenance and repair timeline, but it also ensures the money you’re allocating toward the upkeep of your equipment is used as efficiently as possible. When you rely on an original equipment manufacturer’s service plan, only some of your money goes toward direct maintenance and repair tasks. There’s also time spent driving from one location to another, waiting for parts to arrive and working with technicians who are more concerned with the brands of parts rather than which parts suit you best.

Even with other in-house service models, as much as one-quarter of your spend might fund non-maintenance activities. By having an NMS technician on your team and available whenever maintenance is needed, 95 percent of your maintenance budget goes toward relevant activities. When you can increase your efficiency, your productivity levels and work order throughput both benefit, leading to lower costs and more uptime.

Woman On Site Maintenance Technician Recording Information About Products

At NMS, we offer part-time shared technicians as well as full-time technicians. Part-time technicians divide their time between multiple locations. They complete routine checks and repairs at multiple company locations each week and improve overall efficiency for our customers. However, if full time is something you think would benefit your company, NMS would be happy to provide that for you. Unlike our competitors, we are more focused on pleasing you – the customer rather than the OEM. Our loyalty is with you! Because of this, each tech is custom selected for your business and their expertise is EVERYTHING. Whatever brand of equipment you use is what they’ll focus on. There is no trying to convince you to use a certain brand which is unique to us and provides you with a better experience.

What Kinds of Jobs Can We Help You With?

  • Repairing Forklifts, Lift Trucks, Scissor Lifts, Sweeper Scrubbers, Dock plates, doors etc
  • Analyzing and diagnosing equipment problems and breakdowns
  • Recommending the correct service and repair actions
  • Safely operating power tools, lifts, hoists, hydraulic jacks.
  • Preventative Maintenance inspections and repairs; warranty procedures and other duties as assigned.
  • Providing excellent 5-star customer service
  • Assists other Technicians in repairs
  • Comply with Safety and OSHA procedures

If you want to join our team of highly qualified embedded maintenance technicians, check out our Careers Page for more information.