Warehouse Technicians

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Maintenance Model with Embedded Technicians On-site

We embed Tier 1 Technicians within each facility along with a dedicated workshop and consignment parts. Technicians utilize technology and resources provided by NMS to improve fleet uptime and performance, manage parts inventory and drive savings.

  • Powerful computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) gives technicians the autonomy to efficiently run all aspects of the maintenance shop
  • Dedicated workshop and parts consignment provide best-in-class service
  • Detailed tracking and reporting for all maintenance maximize your spending
  • Innovative solutions from techs dedicated to serving as a part of your team

Who Are We?

At National Maintenance Services, we provide comprehensive maintenance solutions to customers in 26 states across the country. Instead of assigning multiple technicians to serve companies spread out over a wide geographical area, we embed our tier 1 technicians on-site at a single company’s facility.

This distinctive model offers many benefits to our clients as well as our employees. By getting to know the ins and outs of a single operation, our maintenance technicians gain a holistic understanding of their clients’ needs. They can identify which pieces of equipment need the most attention and what types of maintenance are the most important. By gaining intimate knowledge of the company’s various types of material handling equipment, technicians can also suggest and even implement valuable updates to their systems.


Our technicians gain a real sense of belonging and importance – and for good reason. Our unique embedded model allows technicians to take ownership of their maintenance strategies and tailor them to the operations at which they work. Unlike other maintenance technician jobs that are tethered to a van full of tools and materials, which is then tethered to a far-away dispatch center, our team members have their own shops, fully stocked with the supplies they need on a regular basis. If their shop is lacking a particular part or tool, they have access to discount parts programs that can deliver items quickly from conveniently located distribution centers.

Having autonomy over day-to-day maintenance tasks empowers our employees. It gives them the ability to make decisions and see the reward that comes with being proactive and engaged in their organization. Our technicians enjoy feeling like part of the NMS family while also being welcomed by the companies they report to every day. It’s for this reason that our technicians stick with us for the long haul.

The NMS name is becoming more recognizable as companies see the value in highly trained, embedded technicians assigned to their facilities. As our team grows, we’re always on the lookout for qualified candidates who want to join our team and help our clients protect the equipment that drives their successes.