Material Handling That Surpasses Our Competition

Unlike traditional maintenance providers, we deliver comprehensive services and fleet management tools across all equipment. Our on-site service and fleet management model alleviate costly downtime. We are one of the only companies that have this service and it is putting us above the standard of material handling maintenance. We are continually improving our material handling which guarantees a reduction of maintenance expenses for our clients. This guarantees the money you’re budgeting toward the maintenance of your material handling equipment is used as resourcefully as possible. Our trusted technicians are loyal to the customer, not a brand, and strive to save you money and time. We provide service you can trust!

Material Handling

How we can help save money while improving safety and productivity

  • Data-driven, on-site fleet management with real-time reporting and cost tracking to deliver lower total cost of ownership
  • Same-day work order completion above 95% for dependable readiness of material handling equipment
  • Adaptability to adjust fleet capacity and cost to maintain optimal, predictable and sustainable cost savings
  • Fleet optimization management – flexibility to rapidly move equipment between departments or sites to react to capacity needs
  • Safety and productivity improvements – OSHA and ISO compliance, operator training and telematics monitoring

Service Offering:

  • Proven track record of over 15% reduction in TCO
  • Embedded Tech is an extension of your team 24/7
  • NMS data-driven maintenance programs maximize uptime
  • NMS provides real-time utilization analysis that manages equipment/capacity needs, parts and power
  • NMS applies an Economic Useful Life Cycle Model for data-driven, optimized and planned material handling equipment replacement
  • The NMS centralized database will provide valuable data to improve your fleet and power operations
  • Actionable data, consistently provided via NMS reports, allow for statistics-based decision-making

What We Do

At NMS, we strive to help our customers increase their efficiency and lower their overall expenses by providing on-site technicians. These technicians work with our customers by doing routine checks on various types of equipment as well as making necessary repairs. Unlike our competitors, these technicians are not brand dependent. This means that our techs are capable of working with whatever equipment suits your company’s needs and wants. These techs, whether full or part-time will make certain that your equipment is functioning properly. By using our on-site resident techs, you no longer have to contact each equipment company when parts need to be fixed. Having our techs for all of your maintenance needs is more time efficient as well as cost-efficient. We save you money whereas our brand-specific competitors will cost more and only be able to fix certain types. of equipment.

What We Deliver:

  • Fleet up-time and performance improvements – 95% work order efficiency maintained
  • Effective parts inventory & management – On-site parts consignment, orders placed in less than 24 hours
  • Tier 1 Embedded Technicians
  • Customer advocates providing innovative solutions
  • Onsite fleet management
  • Brand independence – Your single source for all mobile material handling maintenance needs
  • The data-driven business model reduces the total cost of maintenance and ownership by more than 15%
  • State-of-the-art computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) work order management software and hardware
  • NMS funds all on-site shop set-up – to 5S standards
  • NMS provides ongoing OSHA safety and equipment training, which limits your burden and risk
  • NMS parts consignment matched to your fleet profile
  • Multiple national safety certifications
  • No trip charges/fuel charges/call-in charges

NMS does not sell or lease equipment; we provide your company with the lowest TCO.