Our Convenient Equipment Parts Storage Facility

  • When you choose to have a full-time technician at your facility, a parts storage facility will also be included.
  • Instead of waiting for parts, they will be at your easiest convenience.
  • Instead of having to go out and buy parts when equipment in your facility breaks, our full time on site technicians will save you time and money by having the parts you need right in your facility.
  • We include this helpful parts room in our services to give our customer peace of mind that we will be able to fix their equipment quickly and efficiently – all while saving them significant amounts of money.
  • We want the most for our customers and this is just one way we can provide the best possible service for them.
  • At National Maintenance Services, we recognize the importance of having the right parts for every piece of equipment. 

Rows of blue plastic storage bins containing stocks of parts and components, such as screws, bolts and nuts, in an industrial or commercial warehouse shot with selective focus